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  • John Breen
    Genre: Celtic/World/Folk/Country/Bluegrass

    Hailing from the "Garden of Ireland" County Wicklow, where he still resides, John Breen is intensely passionate, deeply evocative, with pure powerful singing of traditional Irish and original songs, combined with an intriguing blend of contemporary Celtic music. John Breen is, The Irish Voice.

    Live on stage, John Breen and his band Finan connect with their audience and their audience with them. Bringing to the stage personality and a culmination of his many musical experiences from touring the EU with Finan, to touring the U.S.A., to sharing the stage with artists such as Boru, The Dublin Rogues, The Dublin City Ramblers, Liam O' Faoilin, Ronnie Ellams and Kieran Brennan, Francie Conway, to name a few, John Breen & Finan know how to get the party started!

    From traditional favorites to original songs, John Breen impels young and old alike to follow him on a wonderful musical journey.

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    John Breen - I Still Believe John Breen - Origins John Breen - Old Men In Hats John Breen - John Breen
    Single: I Still Believe Album: Origins Album: Old Men In Hats Debut Album: John Breen
  • Stevie Hawkins
    Genre: Blues/Soul/Funk/R&B/Jazz/Classic Rock/Southern Rock

    A vocalist, drummer, producer, engineer and composer, Stevie Hawkins is a very diverse talent and touring recording artist. Stevie's recent accolades include: 2012 Artists In Music Awards "Best Jazz Artist", 2012 Indie Music Channel "Best Blues Male Artist", 2012 Los Angeles Music Awards "Male Singer/Songwriter" and "Record of the Year". 2013 brought home the Los Angeles Music Awards "Urban Artist" award. All awards were presented at red carpet events in Hollywood, California.

    Over the years, Stevie has worked with major recording artists: Daryle Singletary, Percy Sledge, Albert King, John Lee Hooker, Rufus Thomas, Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, Bertie Higgins, Johnny Rodriguez, Doug Stone, Jeff Carson, Ed Bruce, Razzy Bailey, among others.

    Stevie has released three exciting and popular albums on Emphasis Records, "Georgia Jam - Live" (Jam Band), "High Time" (Blues/Soul/R&B), and the critically acclaimed multi-award winning "What The Funk?" (Funk/Soul/Jazz/Blues/Latin). He released a single cover of the Ray Charles classic "Georgia On My Mind" in mid 2014.

    He also serves as the primary producer, engineer and A&R for Emphasis artists and their releases. Look for more great music from Stevie Hawkins in the future.

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    Stevie Hawkins - Georgia On My Mind Stevie Hawkins - What The Funk Stevie Hawkins - High Time Stevie Hawkins - Georgia Jam
    Single: Georgia On My Mind Album: What The Funk? Album: High Time Album: Georgia Jam-Live
  • Eric Quincy Tate
    Genre: Blues/Electric Blues/Soul

    The founding members of Eric Quincy Tate are Tommy Carlisle and Donnie McCormick. Tommy and Donnie met in 1963 when Tommy joined Donnie's band "The Kings." The band had several regional hits cutting for the Jox label in San Antonio, Texas.

    While playing in Texas, Eric Quincy Tate made a strong impression on songwriter/artist/producer Tony Joe White. White played an important role in getting the band heard by Capricorn Records in Macon, GA. Demos were recorded at Capricorn which caught the ear of legendary Atlantic Records producer Jerry Wexler. In late 1969 EQT inked a management deal with Phil Walden. They recorded their first album for Cotillion Records (subsidiary of Atlantic Records) with producers Tony Joe White, Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd. In 1970, their first album titled "Eric Quincy Tate" was released on Cotillion.

    In the early 1970s, EQT performed concerts in Atlanta with The Allman Brothers Band. EQT also performed with, among others, Little Walter, Ted Nugent, B.B. King, Johnny Winter, Wet Willie, Dr. John, Tony Joe White, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Papa John Creach, REO Speedwagon and Yes.

    In 1976 EQT released "Can't Keep A Good Band Down" recorded live at The Whipping Post in Augusta, GA, with Sonny Limbo producing in association with Atlanta music icon Bill Lowery.

    On September 9, 2006, the original EQT band members Donnie McCormick, Tommy Carlisle, David Cantonwine, and Wayne "Bear" Sauls, reunited for a 37th Anniversary reunion show at Northside Tavern in Atlanta, GA. Producer/Engineer Stevie Hawkins recorded and mixed the historic performance for Emphasis Records, and the album titled "Thirty-Seven" is the results of show. This album is the last live recording made of Eric Quincy Tate, as Donnie McCormick and guitarist Wayne Sauls have both since passed away.

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    Eric Quincy Tate - Thirty Seven
      Album: Thirty-Seven  
  • Donnie McCormick
    Genre: Blues/Acoustic Blues

    A founding member of Eric Quincy Tate, Donnie McCormick was one of the early pioneers of blues-based Southern Rock, and a global blues music legend. Donnie had a vocal and drumming style all his own not to be emulated. He was a teacher, a mentor, and had an impact and positive influence on musicians and fans alike throughout his life and career.

    Donnie was very charismatic, loved to entertain, and he worked very hard to capture his audience. Besides playing a regular drum set, he loved to play his signature instrument, a wooden chicken coop.

    Throughout his career, Donnie was also sought after to work with some of the greatest artists and producers of of all time including: Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, B.B. King, Dr. John, Wet Willie, William Bell, Tony Joe White, Tom Dowd, Stevie Hawkins and Jerry Wexler.

    Donnie recorded with Eric Quincy Tate and as a solo artist. His last live solo album "Donnie McCormick & Friends - 1st Set" was recorded and produced by Stevie Hawkins, and released by Emphasis Records.

    He always put his heart and soul into the music, whether there were ten people in the audience or a ten-thousand. Donnie is greatly missed, but his legacy lives on.

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    Donnie McCormick & Friends - 1st Set
      Album: 1st Set  
  • Wayne "Bear" Sauls
    Genre: Electric Blues/Southern Rock/Soul

    Guitarist Wayne "Bear" Sauls' career found him having the opportunity to share the stage with such greats as the Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Warren Haynes, David Allan Coe, the Nighthawks, and many more. Bear was one of those fortunate musicians who lived, played, and contributed to the birthing of Southern Rock music. Throughout the years, Bear established a style that has been copied but never duplicated.

    As lead guitarist for Eric Quincy Tate, Bear rode the wave of some of the greatest years of rock and roll. He joined the band in 1973 and performed nationally as well as recording on such labels as Atlantic, Cotillion, Capricorn, GRC Records, SLI Records, and Chikin Scratch Records.

    In the early eighties he formed the Stone Mountain Band with long time friends Lou Thorpe and Ray Jarrell. The band played southeastern venues opening for artists such as Bo Diddly, Johnny Winter and Frank Zappa.

    Through the remainder of the eighties, he played lead guitar for one of the hottest country bands of the day, David Allan Coe. Bear traveled internationally with Coe's band until the late eighties when he formed The Bear Facts Band.

    For the remainder of his life, Bear continued to play and tour with The Bear Facts Band, becoming a mainstay at Daytona's annual Bike Week. Wayne Sauls lived an exceptionally rich life and overcame the odds many times, more than ever expected. He was, and still is, loved by all who knew him, and even by a few who only knew of him. Musicians who had the opportunity to share the stage with him will remember his fierce, undiluted stage presence. He had a way of looking at fellow musicians that would inspire them to explore their instruments in ways that they never imagined. His performance onstage was like his performance in life: unrehearsed and yet perfect every time.

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    Wayne Sauls - Emotional
      Album: Emotional  
  • Justin Hawkins
    Genre: Jam Band/Blues/Jazz Rock/Soul/Reggae

    Justin Hawkins is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee. He lived in Atlanta, Georgia for several years where he began honing his music skills by performing at night clubs, concert venues, recording sessions, and practice. He currently resides in Columbus, Ohio where he regularly performs concerts and clubs on guitar and vocals with the stellar rock band "Travelers By Dawn", while continuing his personal musical quests.

    Justin was born into a music family. At a very young age, he was exposed to vast variety of music and artists in the recording studio environment where he spent many hours watching, listening, and learning the ropes of music and its production. By the age of seven, he had learned how to navigate a recording console, utilize rack components, basic midi programming, and operate a multi-track tape machine. Around the age of eight, Justin began creating and recording his own music to multi-track tape using a sequenced midi keyboard workstation, playing drums, and singing.

    As the years progressed, he developed into a gifted songwriter, producer, and a extraordinary wailing guitarist fueled with energy, creativity and spontaneity. His inborn natural sense of feel and musical abilities are truly amazing. When Justin hits the stage or studio, it is no holds barred scenario.

    Justin has a wide mix of influences ranging from Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk and Soul, Singer/Songwriter, Alternative, Hip-Hop, among others.  He fuses those influences with outcomes of his own unique brand, style, and sound.

    He has performed shows with Blues and Rock music legends, Wayne Sauls & The Bear Facts Band, Eddie Tigner, Little Brother, Sean Costello, Buddy Miles, among others.

    Musicians who have the opportunity to perform with Justin experience his fiery "on the edge" musical passion. He has a unique way of inspiring those who perform with him to explore their instruments, elevating them to higher spiritual planes of performance and execution, in ways that they would have never before imagined possible. Justin's onstage performances are like his performance in life: unrehearsed and yet exceptional every time.

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    Justin Hawkins - Visions
      Album: Visions  
  • Hydra
    Genre: Rock/Electric Blues/Southern Rock

    Hydra is one of the all-time great rock bands with Wayne Bruce-lead vocal/guitar, Spencer Kirkpatrick-vocal/guitar, Tommy Vickery-bass, and Steve Pace-drums. Hydra has toured with national acts: ZZ Top, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd among others.

    In 1973 Hydra signed a recording contract with Capricorn Records. Two albums resulted: The self-titled debut release in 1974, and 1975's more representative release, "Land Of Money”.

    In 1977 Hydra released "Rock The World” on Polydor. The album featured a streamlined three piece band with Bruce moving from guitar to bass, and a cleaner "live" sound which was immediately recognizable as Hydra.

    In April 2005 it was announced that Hydra would reunite for a live performance at the "Atlanta International Guitar Show” on May 7 show, and for a second show on July 28th the same year. Both shows were recorded by Emphasis. A compilation of songs from both shows comprise the Hydra release titled "After All These Years".

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    Hydra - After All These Years
      Album: After All These Years  

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