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  Wayne "Bear" Sauls :: [Profile]

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Guitarist Wayne "Bear" Sauls' career found him having the opportunity to share the stage with such greats as the Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Warren Haynes, David Allan Coe, the Nighthawks, and many more. Bear was one of those fortunate musicians who lived, played, and contributed to the birthing of Southern Rock music. Throughout the years, Bear established a style that has been copied but never duplicated.

As lead guitarist for Eric Quincy Tate, Bear rode the wave of some of the greatest years of rock and roll. He joined the band in 1973 and performed nationally as well as recording on such labels as Atlantic, Cotillion, Capricorn, GRC Records, SLI Records, and Chikin Scratch Records.

In the early eighties he formed the Stone Mountain Band with long time friends Lou Thorpe and Ray Jarrell. The band played southeastern venues opening for artists such as Bo Diddly, Johnny Winter and Frank Zappa.

Through the remainder of the eighties, he played lead guitar for one of the hottest country bands of the day, David Allan Coe. Bear traveled internationally with Coe's band until the late eighties when he formed The Bear Facts Band.

For the remainder of his life, Bear continued to play and tour with The Bear Facts Band, becoming a mainstay at Daytona's annual Bike Week. Wayne Sauls lived an exceptionally rich life and overcame the odds many times, more than ever expected. He was, and still is, loved by all who knew him, and even by a few who only knew of him. Musicians who had the opportunity to share the stage with him will remember his fierce, undiluted stage presence. He had a way of looking at fellow musicians that would inspire them to explore their instruments in ways that they never imagined. His performance onstage was like his performance in life: unrehearsed and yet perfect every time.

Wayne Sauls : Emotional
Genre: Blues/Soul/Acoustic Blues
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"Emotional" #AUCD-1010 :: Album Info & Credits

Track List:

1. Crazy Bout My Baby (Wayne Sauls vocal)
2. Trouble In Mind (Wayne Sauls vocal)
3. Big Legged Woman (Wayne Sauls vocal)
4. Don't Come Around Here (Stevie Hawkins vocal)
5. The Road Is A Friend Of Mine (Stevie Hawkins vocal)
6. It's Up To You (Stevie Hawkins vocal)
7. Three Quarter Moon (Stevie Hawkins vocal)
8. Half Ain't Been Told (Wayne Sauls vocal)
9. Special Kind Of Mambo (Wayne Sauls vocal)
10. Set Me Adrift (Wayne Sauls vocal)
11. Hand In The Pocket (Wayne Sauls vocal)
12. Movin' Down The Road (Stevie Hawkins vocal)
13. One Too Many (Stevie Hawkins vocal)

Produced by: Stevie Hawkins & Paul Hornsby
Engineered by: Stevie Hawkins • Paul Hornsby • Milan Bogdan


VOCAL: Wayne Sauls • Stevie Hawkins
GUITAR: Wayne Sauls • Spencer Kirkpatrick • Jim Tanner
BASS: Kirk Plunkett • David Cantonwine • Kerry Creasy
KEYS: Joe Rogers • Stevie Hawkins
HAMMOND B-3: Paul Hornsby • Stevie Hawkins
DRUMS: Stevie Hawkins • Donnie McCormick
PERCUSSION: Stevie Hawkins

Cover Art: Stevie Hawkins

© 2001 Alternative/Urban Records • ℗ 2001 Hannon Hawkins Music, BMI • Songs From Bellingrath, BMI
All rights are reserved.

Wayne "Bear" Sauls expresses his full intensity on this album. The album contains 13 tracks of rockin' electric Southern Rock and Blues, to include a bonus track "Half Ain't Been Told" by Eric Quincy Tate. The album features Wayne Sauls on vocal and guitar, Stevie Hawkins on drums, vocals, percussion and keys, Kirk Plunkett on bass, Capricorn Records legend Paul Hornsby on Hammond B-3, Spencer Kirkpatrick on guitar, Jim Tanner on guitar, Donnie McCormick on drums, Joseph Rogers on keys and David Cantonwine on bass.

Emotional is the one word to appropriately describe the late Wayne "Bear" Sauls. He sings and plays his guitar with heart on this album, and those emotions transcend to the listener with moving musical spirit. "Bear" fuses blues and rock-n-roll to achieve his own unique style and magical sound. The songs included in this compilation album are a journey through several facets of Wayne "Bear" Sauls Emotional Genius.

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