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Stevie Hawkins What The Funk? album cover

JOHN BREEN - "ORIGINS"   (EMCD-010Genre: Celtic/Folk/Country/Bluegrass
Origins: the point or place where something begins, arises. The Celtic exodus to America led pockets of Irish settlers into the Appalachian Mountains. Bringing their music with them, they enveloped their experience into an ever evolving kind of music.

On his new 11 song album, John Breen's vocal mastery shines as he explores a melodic path combining Celtic music with Bluegrass music, Old-Time Country music, Southern Gospel music, Contemporary Country, and Folk. The album is solid, artfully crafted, and traverses the journey of the origins of Celtic music and its evolution in America by the Irish settlers in the Appalachian Mountains. Singing his way from the Wicklow Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains, and bringing it all back home again, John Breen puts his heart and soul into every song on this album.

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John Breen I Still Believe cover

JOHN BREEN - "I STILL BELIEVE"   (EMCDS-010)  Genre: Celtic/Folk
"I Still Believe" is the first single from the anticipated forthcoming John Breen album "Origins". This new contemporary Celtic/Folk single is a perfect example of what John Breen does so well. Emotional pay-dirt. His powerful Irish voice carries us through a lyric that hints at life's struggles, yet the mood is uplifting in recognition of the power in believing. Excellent production, melodically brilliant, smooth vocals.

With lyric by award-winning Charlotte Hannon, produced and engineered by Stevie Hawkins (Daryle Singletary, Doug Stone), and backlit with multi-instrumental work by Tim Crouch (Alan Jackson, Rhonda Vincent), the violins and mandolin set the mood while the tin whistle and Celtic harp create a distinctly Irish atmosphere. The overall warm lush sounds carry us right along until we too find ourselves believing.

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John Breen Old Men In Hats album cover

JOHN BREEN - "OLD MEN IN HATS"   (EMCD-007Genre: Celtic/Folk/World
On this long awaited 15 song follow up to his 2004 debut album, John Breen's clear, expressive and emotional voice is captivating, making these tracks of eclectic self-penned tunes, original and traditional songs, an enjoyable listen and well worth the wait.

From rhythmic cuts that will get your toes tapping "Rosemary Bailey", to John's engaging vocal nuances on stellar ballads "Ringsend Rose", "Old Man", and boosted by several pre-eminent Irish musicians to include: band members Mick Redmond (well crafted mandolin and banjo influences throughout), Brian Doyle accordion and whistle accompaniments, driving bodhran beats from Peter Walker (check out "Maggie"), world champion Irish piper Larry Cullen, and the talented tin whistler Tommy Breen (of Boru and Fenian Folk) contributing a fine solo instrumental "The Bog Down In The Valley O'", this album delivers magical vocal and musical performances.

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John Breen album cover

JOHN BREEN - "JOHN BREEN"   (AUCD-1012Genre: Celtic/Folk/World
Our sister label, Alternative-Urban Records, released John Breen's stellar debut album to headline Atlanta Music Group's foray into the Celtic and World Music market. This 13 song album combines the best of traditional Irish music with unique contemporary interpretations.

The John Breen album combines the best of traditional Irish music with unique contemporary interpretations of the same by the world influenced "Mad Hatter's Celtic Orchestra." The songs reflect both the ballads that John Breen is best known for along with the kind of rollicking good fun associated with Ireland's foot tapping Celtic beats. The John Breen album is a concept album delivering a fresh perspective of songs with roots rich in tradition yet broadened by music schooled in dynamics and foundation, intelligently embracing the sounds of ancient Celtic times and interweaving it with the Ireland of today. This is an album of Celtic passion delivered in John Breen's compelling vocal styling that truly instills a desire to listen to it one more time.

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Album Download $7.99

Stevie Hawkins I Know You Know CD cover


Atlanta’s award-winning Stevie Hawkins is back with a new single "I Know You Know"

"I Know You Know" is a catchy Pop/R&B song with an addictive mid-tempo groove, lyrically conveying the oneness shared by two people who love with a passion. Fully recorded analog, with hints of 80s and 90s artists Hall & Oates and Bobby Brown, the song bears a unique retro vibe, yet maintains a fresh modern sound, making this track appealing to both youth and adult audiences.

"I Know You Know" is written, produced and engineered by Stevie.

If you're a true Stevie Hawkins fan, or if you've just discovered this multi-talented man, you'll want to have 'I Know You Know' as part of your Pop/R&B music collection. Order now!

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Stevie Hawkins Diamonds In The Sky album cover

STEVIE HAWKINS - "Diamonds In The Sky/Sweet Honey"   (EMCDS-012
Genre: Soul/R&B/Jazz/Blues
'Diamonds In The Sky' is a sensuous, romantic ballad that will transport you to a dimension of love and soothing relaxation either by yourself, or with that very special someone. This is sophisticated Soul/R&B with smooth jazz flavors at its very best.

Stevie Hawkins fluently phrases, caresses and delivers the lyrics from whispers to impassioned intensity. The song is tastefully seasoned with warm -- layered Fender Rhodes and atmospheric synthesizers by Grammy award-winning master of musical magic, the late George Duke. Interspersed throughout the track are sultry saxophone embellishments by Stephan Sechi, and a lilting chromatic harmonica solo by Ralph Rosen, reminiscent of Toots Thielemans or Stevie Wonder. The song glows with vibrancy, feels good, and you will want to listen on repeat.

Stevie's inclusion of the bluesy big band song 'Sweet Honey', is a sweet treat indeed, reminiscent of Ray Charles or Count Basie. The Stevie Hawkins Blue Shoes Orchestra, a 14 piece horn section and 3 piece rhythm section, constitutes this powerful and fun song as a testament to the range of Hawkins' vocals and music, and is a magnificent addition to this release.

If you're a true Stevie Hawkins fan, or if you've just discovered this multi-talented man, you'll want to have 'Diamonds In The Sky' and 'Sweet Honey' as part of your sophisticated Soul/R&B and Big Band Blues music collection! Your download order includes both songs.

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2 Song Download $0.99

Stevie Hawkins Georgia On My Mind album cover

Music lovers of jazzy blues, this is a passionate, emotionally infused performance of the Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell classic. The arrangement is dynamic, loaded with feel and live orchestration. If you like classics, then you will love this rendition.

One might assume a remake of this song is pointless and would fall short after Ray Charles' stamp was placed on it.   However, music making simply doesn't get any better than on this classic. Hawkins, a man of understated musical sophistication went into the studio for one-day and recorded a timeless, definitive, and fully orchestrated performance of the song with straightforward simplicity, mapping out the lyric with his mastery of vocal phrasing and clarity. If you do not know of Hawkins or his recordings, this magnificent new rendition of Georgia On My Mind is a honey pot attraction, an essential purchase, and jaw-dropping good.

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Stevie Hawkins What The Funk? album cover

STEVIE HAWKINS - "WHAT THE FUNK?"   (EMCD-008Genre: Funk/Soul/Jazz/R&B/Latin
The Mothership has landed to take you on a interplanetary voyage to the planet Funk-It-Be! So, break out the cosmic boots, do the do, get ready to shake that thang, 'cause Stevie Hawkins is bustin' loose in all Funk~afied glory on his multiple award-winning album, "What The Funk?".

"What The Funk?" embodies the influences of Sly & The Family Stone, Tower of Power, Funkadelic, Al Green, Marvin Gaye and others, to meld an incredible Funk and Soul musical experience that has not been heard in recent years. The 20 song album features Stevie on vocal and drums, with various guest artists to include Soul Diva Jocelyn Brown, Soul/Blues great Sista Monica Parker, Dancefloor Diva D'Layna, along with an ensemble of premier master-musicians who have played with various groups and artists such as: Tower Of Power, Aretha Franklin, The Blues Brothers Band, Tina Turner, Steely Dan, Cameo, Brecker Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, Boz Scaggs, Paul Simon, B.B. King and more. Board the Mothership to experience great new music from Stevie Hawkins.

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Album Download $7.99

Stevie Hawkins High Time album cover

STEVIE HAWKINS - "HIGH TIME"   (EMCD-003Genre: Blues/Soul/Funk/Rock/R&B
Are you into authentic Blues, Soul and R&B music? Then "High Time" is just what the music-doctor ordered! From raw and raunchy Chicago style blues, to the sounds of Memphis soul, this 18 song album has it all.

High Time is an eclectic mix of authentic Blues, Soul, Rock, Spiritual and R&B songs. Songs that relate to life and times, love and relationships, dancing and simply having fun. The "musicians having fun" aspect is apparent on several of the tracks as in "Take Me Back To Memphis", a song that does what the title says, takes us back to the early 1970s with a funky - soulful classic Stax Records vibe. If you are a lover of Chicago Blues, Memphis Soul, and West Coast R&B, then High Time is a not to miss album! Hawkins & company hope you have a High Time listening!

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Album Download $7.99

Stevie Hawkins Georgia Jam album cover

STEVIE HAWKINS - "GEORGIA JAM"  (EMCD-001Genre: Southern Rock/Blues/Soul/Classic Rock
Georgia Jam is a red hot, smoldering 16 song set that embodies everything good about Southern Rock. The music is rockin', dynamic, and filled with spontaneous emotion. The very finest pickers, doing it up right.

Stevie Hawkins & Georgia Jam capture the true essence of Southern Rock, Blues, Classic Rock with a taste of Soul on this great "jam-packed" 16 song live album. Each track has various musician line-ups which makes each track interesting and unique to itself. The musicians on theses recordings have a long history in Rock and Southern music heritage, and are well known throughout the Southeast and beyond. Stevie Hawkins-drums-vocals, Spencer Kirkpatrick-guitar, Wayne "Bear" Sauls-guitar, Barry Richman-guitar, Reddog-guitar, Kerry Creasy-bass, Joe Luther-bass, Buddy Carvalho-bass, Justin Hawkins-drums, Nick Longo-baritone sax, John Longo-tenor sax, and Rich Iannucci-Hammond B-3, showcase their talents by spontaneously creating music on-stage that is exciting, creative and filled with raw energy and emotion.

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Album Download $7.99

Justin Hawkins album cover

JUSTIN HAWKINS - "VISIONS"   (EMCD-006Genre: Jam Band/Jazz Rock/Soul/Reggae
Justin Hawkins "Visions" is a combination of high-energy guitar driven instrumental, jam, and vocal songs. Rhythm seeps from the pores of this 8 song EP, liberally infusing it with influences of rock, jazz, funk, soul, blues, southern rock, reggae, alternative rock and pop.

Justin Hawkins' EP exemplifies what is great about American music from the South: a group of musicians coming together having fun artistically expressing themselves intellectually, emotionally and spontaneously through their hearts and instruments. Visions is a refreshing return to a time when music was universal, timeless and without boundaries. Features Justin Hawkins-vocal/guitar, Eric Myers-bass/vocals, Stevie Hawkins-drums/vocals, The Memphis Horns, Tyrone Monk-keys, and Jango Mendez-percussion.

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Wayne Sauls album cover

WAYNE  SAULS - "EMOTIONAL"   (AUCD-1010Genre: Electric Blues/Southern Rock/Soul
Wayne "Bear" Sauls expresses his full intensity on this album. The album contains 13 tracks of rockin' electric Southern Rock and Blues, to include a bonus track "Half Ain't Been Told" by Eric Quincy Tate. The album features Wayne Sauls on vocal and guitar, Stevie Hawkins on drums, vocals, percussion and keys, Kirk Plunkett on bass, Capricorn Records legend Paul Hornsby on Hammond B-3, Spencer Kirkpatrick on guitar, Jim Tanner on guitar, Donnie McCormick on drums, Joseph Rogers on keys and David Cantonwine on bass.

Emotional is the one word to appropriately describe the late Wayne "Bear" Sauls. He sings and plays his guitar with heart on this album, and those emotions transcend to the listener with moving musical spirit. "Bear" fuses blues and rock-n-roll to achieve his own unique style and magical sound. The songs included in this compilation album are a journey through several facets of Wayne "Bear" Sauls Emotional Genius.

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Album Download $7.99

Eric Quincy Tate album cover

ERIC QUINCY TATE - "THIRTY SEVEN"  (EMCD-004Genre: Blues/Electric Blues/Soul
The legacy of Eric Quincy Tate lives on with this 13 song album release, "Thirty-Seven". The album was recorded live at the band's 37th reunion show in Atlanta, GA.

Donnie McCormick (drums/vocals), Tommy Carlisle (guitar/vocals), David Cantonwine (bass), Wayne "Bear" Sauls (guitar/vocals), along with a a host of guest musicians, reunite for an evening of spontaneous jamming of high-energy Southern Rock, Blues and Soul as only Eric Quincy Tate can do. The band performs their hits as well as their own renditions of Blues and Soul classics. 13 tracks (78 minutes) of classic EQT.

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Album Download $7.99

Donnie McCormick album cover

DONNIE McCORMICK and FRIENDS - "1st SET"  (EMCD-005 Genre: Blues/Acoustic Blues
The Donnie McCormick and Friends "1st Set" album is 11 songs recorded during the first set of the historic Eric Quincy Tate group final reunion show, Sept 9, 2006, at Northside Tavern, Atlanta, Georgia.

Prior to Eric Quincy Tate performing their set, the late Donnie McCormick with fellow musicians and friends, began the show getting the audience wound up, having fun jamming, performing original songs, as well as some of their favorite cover tunes. EQT band members Tommy Carlisle and Wayne Sauls are also playing on all of the tracks. These tracks complete the entire night of recordings from the show, to include two bonus Eric Quincy Tate tracks from the same show that do not appear on the new EQT “Thirty Seven” CD.

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Album Download $7.99

Hydra album cover

HYDRA - "AFTER ALL THESE YEARS"   (EMCD-002Genre: Rock/Blues/Southern Rock
This is the first live release by former Capricorn Records and Polydor Records artists, Hydra. This digital multi-track recording captures Hydra as you have heard them in concert, but never on a record. The 14 song album is packed with 80 minutes of PURE in your face "Big League Rock". If you don't like Hydra, then you don't like rock

One of the South's, or the world's for that matter, finest rock bands and true legends of the 1970's, Hydra is back with a smoking new album "Live - After All These Years", on Emphasis Records. The band performs some the their best and most popular songs, sounding as great, if not better than ever. The performances captured on this live CD release are the true essence of Hydra, which showcase the tremendous seasoned talents of these musicians, placing a vivid exclamation point on their place in the realm of music history as one of the all time great rock bands. The vocals and musicianship are self-defining. If you are into "Real Rock & Roll" music, put on Hydra, "Live - After All These Years", and turn up the volume. This is the great stuff, kids.

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