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Justin Hawkins is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee. He lived in Atlanta, Georgia for several years where he began honing his music skills by performing at night clubs, concert venues, recording sessions, and practice. He currently resides in Columbus, Ohio where he regularly performs concerts and clubs on guitar and vocals with the stellar rock band "Travelers By Dawn", while continuing his personal musical quests.

Justin was born into a music family. At a very young age, he was exposed to vast variety of music and artists in the recording studio environment where he spent many hours watching, listening, and learning the ropes of music and its production. By the age of seven, he had learned how to navigate a recording console, utilize rack components, basic midi programming, and operate a multi-track tape machine. Around the age of eight, Justin began creating and recording his own music to multi-track tape using a sequenced midi keyboard workstation, playing drums, and singing.

As the years progressed, he developed into a gifted composer, producer, and a extraordinary wailing guitarist fueled with energy, creativity and spontaneity. His inborn natural sense of feel and musical abilities are truly amazing. When Justin hits the stage or studio, it is no holds barred scenario.

Justin has a wide mix of influences ranging from Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk and Soul, Singer/Songwriter, Alternative, Hip-Hop, among others.  He fuses those influences with outcomes of his own unique brand, style, and sound.

He has performed shows with Blues and Rock music legends, Wayne Sauls & The Bear Facts Band, Eddie Tigner, Little Brother, Sean Costello, Buddy Miles, among others.

Musicians who have the opportunity to perform with Justin experience his fiery "on the edge" musical passion. He has a unique way of inspiring those who perform with him to explore their instruments, elevating them to higher spiritual planes of performance and execution, in ways that they would have never before imagined possible. Justin's onstage performances are like his performance in life: unrehearsed and yet exceptional every time.

Justin Hawkins : Visions
Genre: Jam Band/Jazz Rock/Soul/Reggae
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Justin Hawkins album cover

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"Visions" #EMCD-006 :: Album Info & Credits

Track List:

1. Stylin'
2. I've Got It Sold
3. Phantom
4. Get Cold
5. Come On A High
6. Scramble
7. Your Turn
8. Audacious Spirit

Produced by: Justin Hawkins & Stevie Hawkins
Engineered by: Stevie Hawkins


VOCAL/GUITAR: Justin Hawkins
BASS: Eric Myers
KEYS: Tyrone Monk
HORNS Wayne Jackson • Andrew Love "The Memphis Horns"
PERCUSSION: Jango Mendez

Cover Art: Stevie Hawkins

© 2015 Emphasis Records • ℗ 2015 Hannon Hawkins Music, BMI • All rights are reserved.

Justin Hawkins "Visions" is a combination of high-energy guitar driven instrumental, jam, and vocal songs. Rhythm seeps from the pores of this 8 song EP, liberally infusing it with influences of Rock, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Southern Rock, Reggae, Alternative Pop Rock.

Justin Hawkins' EP exemplifies what is great about American music steeped in Southern roots: a group of musicians coming together having fun artistically expressing themselves intellectually, emotionally and spontaneously through their hearts and instruments. Visions is a refreshing return to a time when music was universal, timeless and without boundaries.

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