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Hydra is one of the all-time great rock bands with Wayne Bruce-lead vocal/guitar, Spencer Kirkpatrick-vocal/guitar, Tommy Vickery-bass, and Steve Pace-drums. Hydra has toured with national acts: ZZ Top, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd among others.

Hydra is a product of the Atlanta club scene in the late 1960s. Steve Pace and Spencer Kirkpatrick first played together in 1968 in the band "Strange Brew". Wayne Bruce was playing in the band "Nickelodeon" and was invited to join Pace and Kirkpatrick in the short lived "Noah Mayflower”. The three remained together in the band "Osmosis”, and by the end of the decade Hydra emerged. Enlisting a succession of bassists the lineup was finally set with the inclusion of Orville Davis in that slot and the band embarked on its campaign for rock 'n roll success.

They first conquered Atlanta, quickly becoming the premiere act on the local scene. By 1971 they had been signed to management and booking contracts, and soon began expanding their territory playing further and further afield. They began opening concerts for major international acts and playing larger and more prestigious venues. Hydra was becoming a Southern legend and a tight, proven act. I joined the Hydra organization in early 1971, becoming the band's road manager and audio engineer soon thereafter.

In 1973 Hydra signed a recording contract with Capricorn Records. Two albums resulted: The self-titled debut release in 1974, and 1975's more representative release, "Land Of Money”.

In 1977 Hydra released "Rock The World” on Polydor. The album featured a streamlined three piece band with Bruce moving from guitar to bass after Orville Davis left the band. A cleaner "live" sound became immediately recognizable as Hydra.

In April 2005 it was announced that Hydra would reunite for a live performance at the "Atlanta International Guitar Show” on May 7 show, and for a second show on July 28th the same year. Both live shows were recorded by Stevie Hawkins for Emphasis. A compilation of songs from both shows comprise the Hydra release titled "After All These Years".

Hydra : After All These Years
Genre: Rock/Electric Blues/Southern Rock

Hydra album cover

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"After All These Years" #EMCD-002 :: Album Info & Credits

Track List:

1. Hydra Introduction (feat. Edgar Brimer)
2. Glitter Queen
3. Wasting Time
4. Feel A Pain
5. You're The One
6. Baby Please Stop Messing Round
7. Making Plans
8. Feel Like Running
9. Diamond In The Rough
10. Land Of Money
11. Keep You Around
12. Miriam
13. Rattle Snake Shake
14. Going Down

Produced by: Stevie Hawkins
Engineered & Mastered by: Stevie Hawkins
Live Mix Engineers: Edgar Brimer • Greg Quesnel
Executive Producers: Charlotte Hannon • Edgar Brimer
Photography: Corky Willis


GUITAR:Spencer Kirkpatrick
BASS: Tommy Vickery
DRUMS: Steve Pace
BACKGROUND VOCALS: Stevie Hawkins • Edgar Brimer

Cover Art: Stevie Hawkins

© 2005 Emphasis Records • All rights are reserved.

This is the first live release by former Capricorn Records and Polydor Records artists, Hydra. This digital multi-track recording captures Hydra as you have heard them in concert, but never on a record. The 14 song live album is packed with 80 minutes of PURE in your face "Big League Rock". If you don't like Hydra, then you don't like rock.

One of the South's, or the world's for that matter, finest rock bands and true legends of the 1970's, Hydra is back with a smoking hot album "Live - After All These Years". The band performs some the their best and most popular songs, sounding as great, if not better than ever. The performances captured on this live release are the true essence of Hydra, which showcase the tremendous seasoned talents of these musicians, placing a vivid exclamation point on their place in the realm of music history as one of the all time great rock bands. The vocals and musicianship are self-defining. If you are into "Real Rock & Roll" music, put on Hydra, "Live - After All These Years", and turn up the volume. This is the great stuff, kids.


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